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  • A spectacular image of the Waratah Flower

    Spectacular Waratah


    This Spectacular Waratah Flower was taken by renowned Blue Mountains Photographer Darren Edwards. The Waratah is the floral emblem for NSW

  • A Megalong Valley Waterfall in full flight

    Megalong Valley Waterfall


    Megalong Valley Waterfall – Reduced to a trickle in dry times, this little creek beside the winding road down into the Megalong Valley becomes a picturesque waterfall after rain.

  • A Joey (baby kangaroo) making good progress in an animal hospital

    Injured Joey Jigsaw Puzzle


    Injured Joey Jigsaw Puzzle – This little joey was rescued after losing its mother and is being hand reared by a devoted Blue Mountains animal lover.  Another wonderful image by Blue Mountains photographer – Adrienne Isbister.

  • Black Swan with her new born Cygnets

    Black Swan and Cygnets


    Black Swan with her young Cygnets – Black Swans are found throughout Australia with the exception of Cape York Peninsula, and are more common in the south.  Another classic image from Blue Mountains photographer Tom Walsh.

  • The King Parrot is foraging in the rose garden

    King Parrot and Rose Garden


    King Parrots are one of the most spectacular birds and never fail to take your breath away.  This beauty was found foraging in the rose garden

  • A pair of very inquisitive sheep in the Megalong Valley

    Megalong Valley Sheep


    Blue Mountains photographer Adrienne Isbister has captured this wonderful image of two very inquisitive sheep in the Megalong Valley.  The Valley is incredibly picturesque and is only a short drive from the village of Blackheath.

  • Country Racing Stables - an iconic part of the racing industry

    Country Racing Stables


    Country Racing Stables – Horse racing has been an iconic part of Australian culture. This amazing jigsaw image showcases the Horse Racing Stable.  This is a fascinating image from one Adrienne Isbister a passionate photographer who lives in the Blue Mountains.

  • A pair of Rainbow Lorikeets feeding on the Grevilleas

    Rainbow Lorikeets Feeding


    Rainbow Lorikeets Feeding – This must be one of their favourite pastimes and they are quite obliging when it comes to having their photo taken.  Tom Walsh is renowned for his bird photography and this image is testament to why.