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Magpie geese are unmistakable birds with their black and white plumage and yellowish legs.  The feet are only partially webbed, and the magpie goose feeds on vegetable matter in the water, as well as on land.  This image was taken in the Botanical Gardens in Bundaberg Queensland.  Hard to believe that such a large bird could balance so well on such a small branch.

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Our Magpie Goose Puzzles are certainly unique.  This image was taken in the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens and it proves that you need to look up occasionally when you’re out taking photographs.  It is quite remarkable that these rather large birds are able to balance on such a small branch.  We felt very lucky to have this beautiful bird pose for us in such a way so that we could one day produce our Magpie Goose Puzzles!

The Magpie Goose has a black neck and head, with a characteristic knob on the crown (larger in males), which increases in size with age.  During the breeding season, Magpie Geese build nests in secluded places, usually close to wetlands. The nest is almost single-handedly constructed by the male.

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