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Nature Puzzles

  • A Megalong Valley Waterfall in full flight

    Megalong Valley Waterfall


    Megalong Valley Waterfall – Reduced to a trickle in dry times, this little creek beside the winding road down into the Megalong Valley becomes a picturesque waterfall after rain.

  • A pair of very inquisitive sheep in the Megalong Valley

    Megalong Valley Sheep


    Blue Mountains photographer Adrienne Isbister has captured this wonderful image of two very inquisitive sheep in the Megalong Valley.  The Valley is incredibly picturesque and is only a short drive from the village of Blackheath.

  • Country Racing Stables - an iconic part of the racing industry

    Country Racing Stables


    Country Racing Stables – Horse racing has been an iconic part of Australian culture. This amazing jigsaw image showcases the Horse Racing Stable.  This is a fascinating image from one Adrienne Isbister a passionate photographer who lives in the Blue Mountains.

  • Sunrise over an iconic farmhouse in the Megalong Valley

    Megalong Valley Farmhouse


    Megalong Valley Farmhouse This type of farmhouse setting can be seen all over outback. This image was taken at sunrise with bushfire smog in the air.  Megalong Valley is simply magic.  A drive down into the valley itself from Blackheath is an unforgettable experience.

  • Fly Fishing on the Nepean River

    Fly Fishing Nepean


    Fly fishing on the Nepean River near Sydney is a popular past time and this image will make an incredibly intriguing Jigsaw Puzzle.  This group of fishermen were being instructed on how to caste their lines.

  • Jigsaw Puzzle Rustic Gate and Autumn Leaves in Blue Mountains

    Autumn Gate


    This is one of our favourite autumn gates on Shipley Plateau in the Blue Mountains and I’m sure it has been photographed many times.  It’s particularly beautiful at the moment with a backdrop of the autumn leaves.

  • Jigsaw Puzzle of Canola Field and sheep grazing Cowra NSW

    Canola Field Puzzles


    This jigsaw puzzle image of the Canola field and sheep grazing was taken just east of Cowra in NSW on a beautiful spring day.

  • Jigsaw Puzzle Glorious Autumn Tree in field Blackheath NSW

    Autumn Puzzles


    Autumn in the Blue Mountains is one of the most spectacular times of the year.  This glorious tree is one of the most spectacular in the upper Blue Mountains and here it is seen at its best.