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We are passionate about sharing our love of both photography and Australia in the form of Australian made jigsaws, jigsaws that are designed to challenge and entertain.

Our jigsaw images reflect the diversity of this great country of ours.  From a Magpie Goose hanging loose in a tree in the Bundaberg Botanical Gardens, a macro image of the rare Pink Flannel Flower in the Blue Mountains after a bushfire.  We will take you on an exciting journey that will constantly change as we add our latest images to the site.

In this age of computers, mobile phone and Apps, it’s so refreshing to be involved in an activity that is tactile and engaging.  Doing a jigsaw is an activity that can involve families and friends from all age groups.  Our puzzles range from the child friendly 24 piece to the extreme challenge of our 1000 piece puzzle.

We are looking forward to introducing guest photographers from to time.  Friends and colleagues who also have a great love of capturing Australia photographically.

We are proud to say that our jigsaw puzzles are 100% designed and produced in Australia.

We look forward to meeting you as we travel around this great country of ours.
Barb and Catherine
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03 May
Barbara Wall


    1. We were delighted to read your comment Paula. We hope that our jigsaws will bring much enjoyment to many people over the coming years. Thanks for calling by.

  1. Fantastic to be able to buy jigsaws with Australian wildlife. Present shopping issues resolved for years to come. The quality of the photographs and packaging is outstanding

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      Thanks for your wonderful review. We’re very excited to have launched our Jigsaw site.
      Warm Regards – Barb Wall

  2. How lovely and a perfect gift for anyone who has been to and loves our beautiful Blue Mountains.

    1. Thanks for your comment Michelle, we are delighted to be able to share our beautiful part of the world in the form of a classic jigsaw puzzle!

    1. Wow, thank you Gitama. How wonderful. We are just delighted that we can share our glorious country in such an enjoyable and challenge way!!

    1. How wonderful to hear from you Sabine and Myra. As you can imagine, we’re really excited about our journey ahead. Thanks for your best wishes – Barb and Catherine

  3. Hello lovely ladies……this site is looking amazing, your variety is endless, the imagery outstanding, the quality I’m sure will be tops!! I’ll be ordering 🙂

    1. How wonderful to hear from our New Zealand buddy. Thanks so much Rainie for your enthusiastic comment. Perhaps we should be inviting New Zealand Wombats to join the fun!

  4. Barb and Catherine, these look wonderful. I am sure I will be coming to your site when birthdays and Christmas come closer.

    1. Thanks so much Jane. We are very excited to be launching our site officially today.

  5. Having had the privilege of being at your first announcement it is so thrilling to see you finally achieve your goal. You both deserve every success and I know your love of Australia and its flora and fauna will be contagious to all who visit this fabulous website. You are representing our country with so much joy and enthusiasm. Love and congratulations to you, Barb and CCN.xo

    1. Thanks for your heartfelt comment Jan. We are delighted with the website and hope our jigsaws will bring people a lot of enjoyment.

  6. Woo hoo! Well done, Wombats – the site looks fantastic. It is such a great idea and I hope it goes well for you.

    1. Thanks so much Yvonne and you were there at the start 🙂 Your valuable feedback has been acted upon 🙂

  7. Congratulations on the launch of your new venture Barbara & Catherine – a great collection of available images, and a beautifully presented, easy to navigate website. I wish you great success!

    1. Wow, thanks very much Geoff, we’re really excited to have now launched our website officially – let’s hope many people will gain a lot of enjoyment from our jigsaws in years to come.

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